Clatworthy Cook Off

Clatworthy Cook Off, Saturday 7th October 2017

Clatworthy Cook Off - Thai Trout curry & zingy soy glaze ingredients
Thai Trout curry & zingy soy glaze ingredients

Clatworthy Fishing Lodge was the venue for CFFC’s Social meeting themed ‘Clatworthy Cook Off’. Over the course of a few hours we had almost all of the club members attending, some new members joining on the day, and others who don’t fly fish but wanted to come along to see how to smoke food and of course taste the delicious fish and other meats we had prepared.

Hot briquettes from the fire Chimney being poured into the smoker
Hot briquettes from the fire Chimney being poured into the smoker

With a focus on trout and the different ways the fish can be cooked the menu contained a mix of both hot and cold smoked products including:

  • A quick and easy Thai trout curry
  • Cold smoked trout using Beech
  • Cold smoked trout using Oak
  • Oak smoked trout pate
  • Hot smoked trout with a soy based sweet & zingy glaze
  • Whole trout hot smoked
  • Smoked Chicken
  • Smoked Duck
  • Venison Sausages
  • BBQ Bangers & Burgers

We’ll soon be adding a recipe page that will list the ingredients and methods for some of the above dishes, watch this space!

Clatworthy Cook Off
Hot Smoked Recipe book & smoking sawdust

The event was sponsored by Wellington based company Hot Smoked who kindly provided some ‘goodies’ for the attendees including a great recipe booklet which hopefully will provide even more inspiration to try food smoking.

(CFFC club members can take advantage of a special discount code to use when purchasing from the vast range of BBQ & food smoking products Hot Smoked sell).




Many of the attendees took the opportunity to fish whilst they were there. In the morning some braved the wet & windy conditions and took a welcome break for lunch in the fishing lodge.  In the afternoon the weather changed  with warm sun and a lessening breeze making the fly fishing a very pleasant autumn day on the water…

Clatworthy Cook Off
CFFC members at the Clatworthy Cook Off & 3 ProQ food smokers!


As part of the club’s social events calendar we will be running the “Clatworthy Cook Off’ once again in 2018.

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CFFC Fly Fishing Competition

What a great day!

Saturday 26th August 2017 was a special day in the Clatworthy Fly Fishing Club calendar. It was the 1st ever social event & fly fishing competition hosted for the club’s members, and what a fabulous day it turned out to be.

On a warm and sunny August morning the members met at Clatworthy fishing lodge. A very light breeze rippled the water and the stunning backdrop of the trees around the reservoir set the scene for the day. What better place could a fly fisher wish to be?

CFFC 1st Social event & Fishing day
CFFC 1st Social event & Fishing day at Clatworthy

The previous day’s fishing at Clatworthy was one of those legendary days…..

A short meeting to finalise the club structure was held outside on the fishing lodge deck and with the items of club business dealt with, it was soon time to go fishing. Fish could be seen rising in the almost flat calm waters, a little more ripple would later top the water so the prospects were looking good. The mantra for the day was to have a good time and so the competition was held in the spirit of fun (later in the day I heard discussions of what the CFFC fishing team might be called, what did you come up with guys?). Most opted to fish from the bank and a few took to the boats, let the competition begin!

The previous day’s fishing at Clatworthy was one of those legendary days where the trout were free rising and taking dry flies on the top of the water. Anglers both on the boats and the bank were into plenty of fish so expectations were high, however no two days are the same when fly fishing and so it proved to be…

And on to the fly fishing competition…

Club member John was soon into a fish, fishing a single buzzer from the bank right in front of the lodge proved to be a good choice as fish could be seen patrolling up and down that stretch (what a great vantage point / sitting area the lodge decking is) . A little later he took another rainbow from the same spot, things were looking good!

fly fishing competition
CFFC member John readies the net…










Other club members decided to fish further down and along the bank from the lodge, and also at Wescot Bay, a favourite & productive spot for many of Clatworthy’s regulars.

fly fishing competition
CFFC members fish in reflective waters….

Those in the boats spread out across the reservoir in search of the fish.

fly fishing competition
Tom & Molly ready for the off…
and 12 Year old Molly getting the ‘hang’ of it, thanks Tom!










The fly fishing competition was just for a few hours and the winners would be those with the heaviest two fish. 1 o’clock soon arrived, the BBQ was lit and tempting smells of delicious food greeted everyone arriving back at the lodge for the weigh-in.

After a hearty al fresco lunch the winners were announced, with a two fish limit ounces separated those who caught fish. Well done Ed, Geraldine, Pete and Seth!

Indeed, what a great day it was. We all had fun, mingled and met with other CFFC members and had laughs and banter. A fabulous start for Clatworthy Fly Fishing Club.

I look forward to the next meet-up, watch this space for announcements, fly fishing competition dates and more.


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CFFC Inaugural Meeting Date

I am delighted to say that we now have enough interest to set up the inaugural meeting of  Clatworthy Fly Fishing  Club. It will take place on Wednesday 26th July at 7pm. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

I have chosen somewhere that it is relatively accessible to everyone, it is an ideal venue for our first meeting and the landlord has kindly agreed to waive the room charge. A good selection of food is available if you would like to have supper before or after the meeting. See below for venue details.

Agenda for the meeting

The purpose of the first meeting is to agree the basic principles of the club, there will be an open floor where you can suggest ideas of what we can do and how that might work in practice.
How can we make the club a success?
  • A brief presentation from Wessex Water*
  • Who will run the club
  • Membership fees
  • Club events
  • Outreach – how do we attract new members and engage with people, particularly youngsters, and those yet to try fly fishing
  • Club ethos / mission statement
  • Any other business / your ideas and suggestions


I very much value your input and look forward to meeting you on the 26th. If you know anyone who might like to come along please forward this email so they have the details.
Many thanks,

The Nags Head Tavern,
Click for Google map location
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