Fly Fishing Patterns for Clatworthy

There’s no hard and fast rule that says you have use these fly fishing patterns Fly Fishing Patterns for Clatworthyto catch trout at Clatworthy reservoir. Indeed, there are many other flies that will all take fish on the day, however if you have some of these in your fly box and fish them at the appropriate time of year, you’ll increase your chances of catching your limit (often when others might blank or are just getting the odd fish).

As a fly fisher you’ll no doubt know that it’s not just having the right fly fishing patterns, it’s how you fish them that counts. So if you get the chance to speak to one of the rangers or regulars at Clatworthy be sure to find out not only what flies are fishing well, but how they are fished.

Early season with lures it might be deep and slow or mid water stripped back fast, later on in the year you might find a team of buzzers does the trick just inching them back ever-so-slowly (or even left static).

The dog days of summer when the water temperature rises and the trout become lethargic are challenging to say the least, but you can still tempt fish perhaps with a dry fly or even a small, sparsely tied pheasant tail nymph. Early mornings, before it gets too hot and bright, or fishing the last few hours will help your chances during the summer months.

Towards the end of season (and almost right up to the end) small dries such as CDC’s work really well so these are well worth trying, it’s a fun and exciting way to fly fish but be sure not to try and set the hook too soon!

Fly Fishing Patterns dry flyClatworthy Fly Fishing Club members can buy these (and other) hand tied fly patterns from CFFC member Danny at special discounted rates. Download the order form and either give it to him in person or email it to him.

Here’s a selection of popular fly fishing patterns to use throughout the year at Clatworthy Reservoir:

March – Blobs, FAB’s, cats whisker, booby, hot head damsel, humongous
April – Buzzers, CDC emergers, diawl bach, mini lures
May – Hawthorn, buzzers, Diawl Bachs, bobs bits, hoppers, cdc emergers
June – Coch-y-Bonddu, bobs bits, hoppers, buzzers, black and peacock spider,
July – Damsel, diawl bach, small buzzers,
August – Pheasant tail nymph, cdc emergers, small nymphs/buzzers, red ant
September – Daddy long legs, fry patterns
October – Minkie, snakes, boobies