Clatworthy Reservoir Location

Getting to Clatworthy
Clatworthy Reservoir location post code is TA4 2EJ this will guide you to the entrance of the visitors car park (opening and closing hours may vary during the year). The fishing lodge is 100 meters down the hill towards the water (where there is parking for anglers).

Clatworthy Reservoir Location & Map
Many of the bays, areas, and stretches of water at Clatworthy reservoir are named and often referenced by fly fishers using the water. Below is a map showing the most commonly fished areas and their locally known names. Some of these areas fish better at different times of the year and depend on the level of the water however Rowes End & Wescott Bay pretty much fish well throughout the season.

clatworthy reservoir location
Clatworthy Reservoir Map

DD Coordinates: 51.070499718 – 3.36816519
DMS Coordinates: 51°04’13.80″ N – 3°22’5.39″ W
GEOHASH Coordinates: gcjde357hp4j248u
UTM Coordinates: 30U 474205.20280504 5657729.241519