Coch-y-Bondhu Beetle = Top of the Water Sport

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In the last couple of weeks at Clatworthy reservoir there has an abundance of the Coch-y-Bondhu on the water and the trout are taking full advantage of this seasonal hatch and gorging themselves on them. The beetle can be found all around the reservoir so no matter if you are bank or boat fishing it is well worth tying on an imitation and have some fun, top of the water sport.

The traditional Coch-y-Bondhu fly works well on Clatworthy and equally so does a foam beetle pattern (if not better!). Shortish leaders of 10 – 12 foot with a single fly is standard practice (though you could use a dropper if you feel inclined). Cast to rising fish or cast and leave for 20 seconds or so then repeat.

Foam backed Coch-y-Bondhu
Foam backed Coch-y-Bondhu patterns

If bank fishing a short cast parallel to the bank will often bring a fish up to your fly and at times there has been plenty free rising fish so you’ll have those to cast to as well. These are ideal conditions for ‘walking and stalking’, now the water levels are down try the bank opposite the lodge and towards the North end, from where the gorse begins is a good starting point. You’re likely to take some nice brownies along this stretch too.

If you are taking a boat out then drifting down the margins on the windward side should find you fish, as will in the dam basin and Dudderidge bay (where fish have been holding right down into the far corner). Casting close to the overhanging trees and bushes will often pay off handsomely.