Trout Recipes

Our trout recipes page aims to provide you with a range of different ways you can prepare, cook and eat this delicious freshwater fish.

Thai Trout curry & zingy soy glaze ingredientsWe’ll show you some of the popular (& easy to cook) trout recipes as well as the more exotic ones including how to hot or cold smoke trout, BBQ trout, Asian & Indian style trout curries, trout pate and more! As you’ll find out, trout is not only delicious tasting it is a versatile fish to cook with.

Bon Appetite!

First off, here’s some trout facts…

Brown Trout:
Our indigenous species is the Brown trout (Salmo Trutta). These can be found in many rivers and lakes and being a native fish to the UK they will spawn and grow naturally in the wild. They are quite easy to identify having a golden brown body with bright red spots dotted all over, however this may vary depending on the environment they live in.
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Similar to the brown trout there is also the Sea trout, this fish, as it’s name suggests spends some of it’s time in salt water environments.

Rainbow Trout (Onchorynchus Mykiss- previously Salmo Gairdneri):
A non-native fish to the UK but since being introduced (from North America)  it is now found in a great many still water fisheries, it is the main breed of commercially farmed trout.
trout recipes




Trout are a nutritious fish to eat!
– They are low in fat (a third of that found in salmon)
– They have 135kcals per 100g calories
– They have good levels of vitamins A and B, calcium, selenium and Omega-3

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