Clatworthy Fly Fishing Club Constitution


All CFFC members shall acknowledge and uphold the Clatworthy Fly Fishing Club Constitution being:

  1. To be known as ‘CLATWORTHY FLY FISHING CLUB’ whose home water is Clatworthy Reservoir.
  2. The objective of the club shall be to assist and advise fly fishers who currently fish, or who would like to fish at Clatworthy Reservoir.
  3. The Club’s mission statement and ethos shall be “ To promote fly fishing to people of all ages and abilities”.
  4. To assist and liaise with Wessex Water, fly fishing clubs, and other accredited organisations for the betterment of fly-fishing.
  5. All members pledge not to contravene Wessex Waters, or any other fisheries rules, regulations and by-laws.
  6. The Committee shall, where possible, consist of: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Membership & outreach Manager, Events & Publicity Coordinator, Team Captain.
  7. The Committee shall have the power of co-option and all positions shall be honorary.
  8. No officer shall hold more than one post unless absolutely essential. The Committee shall be elected each year at the AGM, notice of which shall be sent to the club members at least one month before the meeting.
  9. Nominations for officers by post or email shall be received from members no later than seven days before the date of the AGM. Votes shall be returned to the Secretary.
  10. A copy of the minutes of the previous AGM and a copy of the current annual accounts shall be submitted at the AGM.
  11. There will be no restriction to the number of consecutive years that a chairman, officer or committee member may serve provided that the person concerned is willing to serve and is re-elected by the membership.
  12. The Committee shall reserve the right to withdraw or refuse membership to any person bringing the club into disrepute, or who have disregarded or contravened the rules and regulations of any fishery. No reimbursements will be made.
  13. The Committee shall operate with a quorum of not less than three.
  14. The Club shall not be allowed to borrow without the agreement of a majority of members attending, in person, a general meeting of the members called with one month’s notice of the meeting.
  15. New members shall apply to the Membership Secretary for membership, and on receipt of the appropriate fee, a membership card will be issued.
  16. The financial year shall run from 1st January to 31st
  17. Only fully paid up members shall be allowed to vote or to hold any office.
  18. Nominations for office will be received at the AGM. Elections shall be by Ballot. Each full member present shall have one vote for each respective vacancy on the Committee. Written votes by proxy by members unable to attend will be accepted at the AGM or by post or email to the Secretary.
  19. Fees shall be fixed annually and cover: Adult membership, Junior and student membership.
  20. The Committee, with the majority consent of the members, shall be able if the need arises, to amalgamate with any other fly fishing club and to transfer the funds accordingly. Should the club be dissolved, the assets after discharge of any liabilities will be distributed evenly among the members at that time.

Clatworthy Fly Fishing Club constitution ratified at the CFFC inaugural meeting Wednesday 26th July 2017.